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We are proud to announce that we will be hosting 'The Challenge'. The Challenge sees fighter battle fighter in single combat to gain the title Champion of the Realm!

We have some very cool prizes up for grabs too.

'The Challenge' is a battle with LARP weapons, where all are welcome to take part over the age of 18.
The price to compete is £5 per person. 

Rules can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.
The sign up form will be available soon at the bottom of this page.

To be held annually, The Challenge aims to become the definitive paradigm that finally answers that age old question ... Who is the greatest Warrior in the Land? Our hope is that The Challenge grows in strength and size bringing people together to compete in friendly rivalry and perhaps learn something new about themselves and others.

The battles will take place between 2 warriors in a square approximately 20’ x 20’. Both warriors enter from opposite sides, salute each other and upon the judge’s command, begin to fight. After the battle is over and the winner announced, both warriors will shake hands and leave the arena.
Scoring is as follows: 
* A clean strike to a limb is worth 1 point. A clean strike to the body is worth 2 points. A clean strike to the head is worth 3 points. 
* The first warrior to score 5 points is the winner. After every successful hit where points are awarded, both warriors must return to their starting positions and await the judge’s command to fight. 

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Download this file (FTF Challange Form 2014.doc)The Challenge Sign Up Form [Challenge Sign Up] 88 kB
Download this file (The-Challange-Rules.pdf)The Challenge Rules [The Challenge Rules] 675 kB