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Archery Image

The Archery Contest is back for 2014 due to its popularity at last years festival!

The prizes are as follows:
The winner will receive a monetary prize to the tune of £1,500.
Second place will receive £600.
Third place will receive £250.

The Rules:

The archery rules are as follows:

  • Traditional long bows only;
  • Competitors may use their own equipment (maximum 70lb) (or);
  • 30lb & 40lb bows and relevant equipment will be available for use if required;
  • £10 entry fee per person;
  • Final entries to be accepted by 2.30pm or at capacity, on Day 1;
  • Age limit 17 years and above;
  • 2 day contest (Day one, qualification; Day two, finals);
  • Upon qualification for day 2, free entrance to the festival will be granted;
  • Day 1: Qualifiers: 5 arrows in 5 minutes at 25 ft. 5 competitors simultaneously (separate targets);
  • Day 1: Start at 11am, finish at 4.30pm. Finalists will be recorded and names displayed for day 2;
  • Day 2: Finals – top 40 from day 1;
  • Day 2: Start at 11am;


Archery Flyer


    • 11.00am: Round 1: 5 arrows each in 5 minutes at 35 feet.
      Top 20 to go forward to round 2.  

      5 competitors to fire at one time (5 separate targets);
    • 12.30pm: Round 2: 5 arrows each in 5 minutes at 40 feet.
      Top 10 to go forward to round 3. 
      5 competitors to fire at one time (5 separate targets);
    • 1.30pm:   Round 3: 5 arrows each in 5 minutes at 45 feet.
      Top 5 to go forward to round 4.   
      5 competitors to fire at one time (5 separate targets);
    • 2.30pm:   Round 4: Each finalist to receive 5 arrows, to be
      fired individually, on rotation, into the same target at 50 feet.
      Top 2 to go forward to Final round;
    • 4.00pm:   Final Round: Each finalist to receive 10 arrows,
      to be fired at 5 targets of varying distances and accessibility.
      Each target will score appropriately. Targets to be chosen by finalists. No time limit.


Download this file (Archery-Flyer.jpg)Archery Competition Flyer [Archery Competition Flyer] 213 kB
Download this file (FTF-Archery-Form-2014.pdf)Archery Sign-Up Form [Sign up for the competition ahead of the festival] 105 kB
Download this file (FTF-Archery-Rules.pdf)Archery Rules PDF [The rules for the archery competition 2014] 209 kB